Pole Barn Foundation

Press On pole=

Nail-On Bracket by PRO-footer®

Attach bracket to post with hot dipped nails and framing hammer or positive placement air nailer.Pole Barn Post Fastening System
Press-On Bracket by PRO-footer®

Easily installed in your shop or by your supplier with a simple hydraulic press. Pole Barn Foundation

-Analysis- Post Base Hold DownPRO-footer® LLC specializes in pole barn foundation systems for fastening below grade wood to concrete pole barn posts. Designed to save builders time and money while providing engineering values far greater than currently accepted building practices.

Pole Barn Foundation PRO-footer® introduces the ONE POUR Brackets covered under Patent Pending and Patent # US8584413B1. Available as Press On and Nail On versions.

Pole Barn PostsWe're also the creators of the Uplift Plate. Uplift Plates were featured as one of the TOP TEN NEW PRODUCTS 2013 in Rural Builder; one of the official magazines of The National Frame Builders Association. Uplift plates conform to the International Building Code.

If all you desire for posts is uplift restraint, the Uplift Plate by PRO-footer® is the ideal solution. A framing hammer is all you need to add uplft restraint to pole barn posts.


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