Installing Pole Barn Posts | PRO-footer®

Pole Frame Posts

Nail-On Bracket by PRO-footer®

Attach bracket to post with hot dipped nails and framing hammer or positive placement air nailer.Installing Pole Barn Posts
Press-On Bracket by PRO-footer®

Easily installed in your shop or by your supplier with a simple hydraulic press.Install Pole Barn Posts
#1 Apply Bracket to Post
#2 Set and Brace Post
#3 Pour Concrete

When pole barn contractors or the home owner are installing pole barn posts requiring wet pours, it doesn't need to involve drilling holes in posts for rebar (exposing center of post to elements of decay), setting posts with rebar jutting from its sides, and scheduling the concrete truck twice. Rain between pours can be devastating; holes can fill with water and mud creating time-consuming problems. Why not pour concrete one time!

ONE POUR Press-On and Nail-On Brackets from PRO-footer® eliminate all of these problems. ONE POUR Brackets provide incredible uplift resistance and the Press-On version are easily installed in your shop or by your supplier with a simple hydraulic press. If you want to field install ONE POUR Brackets the Nail-On Bracket is the perfect choice. ONE POUR Brackets are leading the way to simpler and stronger construction of post frame buildings.

Save time, eliminate headaches, make stronger foundations and all with
a single concrete pour using PRO-footer® ONE POUR Brackets.

  • Uplift Resistance
  • Low Cost
  • Easy to Apply
  • Stronger than Rebar
  • Light Weight and Easy to Handle
  • Does not Expose Center of Post to Elements of Decay (as in drilling holes for rebar)